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one-on-one PRIVATE COACHING with Alycia?
Get into one of 10 open spots for my private coaching and let me coach you to guide your success!
Special 4-Pack Weekly Private Coaching Offer
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This highly valuable coaching package includes:
  • 4 Consecutive Weekly 60-minute phone coaching calls with just you and I to hone in on your unique qualities and guide you quickly through the program. You'll get access to my calendar so you can choose a time that suits you best.  
  • Each phone call is recorded so you can revisit the tips you learned and new ideas anytime in the future. I frequently answer full questions out loud and rattle off ideas in a brainstorm that end up being the perfect answer to exactly what you need! You'll be so glad we recorded it so you don't have to write it all down. 
  • Get individualized feedback on the stories you create for your judges, or on your personal introduction and paperwork. Let me give you feedback on your opening or closing statement or a mock interview live over the phone. You'll get to practice as you develop your Legacy Project and interview game plan. 
  • Paperwork Review to make sure you are leveraging all your power plays to market yourself to the judges. I believe well-written paperwork can get you into the top 10, so don't let this fall through the cracks!
  • Mock Interview over Skype so you can practice putting all the pieces together and get feedback right there on the call. You'll practice leading the interview and giving great answers. Plus, we'll record this, too, so you can watch it back and see your improvements. 
Plus, you'll get a private Skype Mock Interview with Alycia to practice what you've learned!
Plus, I'll personally send you this beautifully designed set of 50 Mock Interview Question Flash Cards so you can practice anytime, anywhere
Hear what Alycia's client Emaleigh says...
Emaleigh's crowning moment
Emaleigh's first published book (her Legacy Project)
Are You Ready to Win?
In order to give my best attention to those that are ready to work one-on-one, I'm only accepting 10 women into this Private Coaching opportunity.

Private Coaching is only available for a limited time.
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